Karaoke Player


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  • Professional InAndonbrand Karaoke Player, All in One Smart Karaoke System
  • 19.5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen, Desktop stand and Easy to place anywhere
  • 1TB Harddrive, 20000 Songs storage,Cloud Songs Update by Factory Week by Week, Download of Cloud Songs over 450,000 Songs.
  • Excellent International Design, Friendly User Interface, Supporting Chinese, English, and other language versions
  • Smart Phone or Tablet Controlled, Easy to Select Your Favorite Songs
  • Input Method: English, Pinyin, Handwriting Both Simplified Chinese And Traditional Chinese



  • – Over size: L19”×W12”×H7”- Voltage: 110V/240V

    – Storage: 1TB Hard drive

    ‎- Including high quality 2 x handheld microphone

    – Connector Type: ‎Wi-Fi

    – Compatible Devices: ‎Television, Tablet, Smartphone

Packing Details

  • Packing Size (Inches): 35*35*12Weight (lbs): 20


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