Wheel Balancer With LCD Screen, Sonar, Laser and Electronic Brake


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Model: WB24L


  • – For passenger car, motorcycle and light commercial vehicle wheels- Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring- Various balancing modes- Self-calibration and diagnosis functions that ensure precision within +/- 1 gram- Plastic safe-guard works as the START and STOP button while balancing the wheel by pulling the guard down/up.- Including 40mm main axle, ALU ruler head, led light, pedal, laser technology, Radar for width measuring

    – Electronic brake(when finish balancing,use your hand to rotate the wheel a bit, the wheel will be locked,then stick the weight)


  • Max wheel weight: 65kg
  • Motor Power: 2kw
  • Power supply: 110V
  • Balancing accuracy:±1g
  • Balancing speed: 220r.p.m
  • Rim diameter: 10″~24″
  • Rim width: 1.5″~17″
  • Measuring time: 8s

Packing Details

  • Package dimensions: 38×30×45 Inches
  • Package weight: 245 lbs


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