Heavy-duty Storage Building (W30′ × L65′ × H15′)


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Model: EMC 306515P



– For vehicles, industrial stuffs, farm equipment, boats and other more needs

– Peaked roof design protect you and your equipment from the elements while adding to the shelter’s overall stability

– The upgrading and strengthening of the steel pipe connection ensures that the building is stronger

– Heavy duty cover: Fire retardant, Leak proof, UV Protected​

– Commercial grade, 3-layer galvanized steel frame structure is long lasting, much higher corrosion protection than the traditional single layer of zinc​



Overall Size: W30FT×L65FT×H15FT

2 Drive through doors at both ends

Roll-up Door Size: W11’8”×H11’8” (W3.5m×H3.5m)

Cover: White color with grey edge

Truss Quantity: 11 units

​​Truss Spacing: 6’8” (2m)

Large anchor plates: 22 units


  • Overall dimension: W 30ft x L 65ft x H 15ft
  • Door opening dimension: W11 ½’ x H12 7/16’ (W3.5mxH3.8m)
  • Material: Commercial grade PE tarpaulin galvanized steel tubes
  • 2 doors front & back
  • 12 7/16 feet drive through the door at each end
  • Total trusses: 11 units
  • Truss spacing: 6-9/16’ (2m)
  • Total large anchor plates: 22 units
  • Truss tube: Gauge 15
  • Wind Brace Support on Each Corner
  • Ratchet Straps for a Drum Tight Fit
  • Double Cover Tension System

Packing Detail

  • Packing Size (Inch): 115L*29W*43H
  • Weight (lb): 300GSM PE 2608 lbs                   450GSM PVC 2706 lbs
  • PRICE:  300GSM PE  $6750   450GSM PVC  $7450


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