20 Feet Foldable Container House With Double Swing Door


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Model: FCH-20DS


– This foldable container house usually used as warehouses, equipped with two swing doors to facilitate the entry and exit of large goods

– This house can be folded and installed many times, and the installation is very easy

– The unique design of the concave and convex groove at the folding place ensures good waterproof and durability


    1. Size:

    Outer Size: L19 ft×W8.2 ft×H8 ft (L 5800mm×W 2500mm×H 2430mm)

    Internal size: L18.5 ft×W7.8 ft×H7.4 ft (L 5635mm×W 2370mm×H 2265mm)

    Folded size: L19 ft×W8.2 ft×H1.2 ft (L5800×W 2500×H 360mm)

    1. Material: Q235Bsteel, galvanized square pipe
    2. Top frame: 50*50*1.5mm and 30*50*1.5mm
    3. Bottom frame: 40*80*1.5mm
    4. Ceiling tile:1040 color steel tile(0.45mm)+831 ceiling tile(3mm)+glass fiber
    5. Floor: 15mm MGO board
    6. Wall: 50mm rock wool wall panel, 0.3mm double-sided peel plate, single-sided film covering
    7. Double swing doorsize: 9 ft×H6.6 ft

Packing Detail

  • Packing Size (Inch): L19 ft×W8.2 ft×H1.2 ft (L5800×W 2500×H 360mm)
  • Weight (lb): 2445 lbs



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